About Our Club

Cambria California offers the best combination of a seaside community nestled within a Monterey pine forest. Located half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, its well known neighbor is Hearst Castle.  Along its scenic Moonstone Beach Drive,visitors find a wide variety of accomodations including extensive campgrounds at Hearst San Simeon State Park.  More than moonstones await those who explore Leffingwell Landing (background picture), gateway to the Cambria State Marine Park.  Complete picnic facilities, free parking, boat launching and miles of coastal bluff trails offer visitors and locals a natural playground for all ages. The Cambria Fishing Club has for over 36 years provided anglers with recreation and camraderie, while contributing to the local community. The club was originally founded by Don Hayward, along with a handfull of Cambria residents, as a means of sharing the fishing experience in local waters. Believing that a sustainable fishery would preserve the many species and recreational legacy along our coast, Don was an original conservationist.  That vision was embodied in the creation of the Cambria State Marine Park, where only recreational angling is allowed.

We pride ourselves on our attention to safety and proper training, which has paid dividends, resulting in a record of no serious maritime  accidents or fatalities. The Club originally operated a small fleet of beach launched boats. As operating expenses increased, the Club saw more trips being booked through local landings and the boat fleet was sold to Club members and other interested parties. It was during this transition that the desire for exercise and recreational access pushed kayaking to the forefront for many members. Most members now own kayaks and use them for sport, fishing and touring local waters. Thanks to a generous donation from the Hayward family, contributed in the memory of their father Don, the Club has its own kayaks that are available to members who wish to 'try before they buy' or simply take one out for a paddle.

Throughout the year, the Club and its members support activities in local waters for future anglers. We strongly believe that providing children with a safe and hopefully successful fishing adventure, is the first step towards developing the lifelong avocation of recreational angling. This is the legacy that Don passed to our membership many years ago.

The Cambria Fishing Club meets twice a month on the first and third Tuesday at 2pm. Meetings occur at the Joslyn Recreation Center main room and typically last for one hour. Discounted tackle is available. Beverages and snacks are served. Club membership is currently $20/year, and membership in the Joslyn Recreation Center is also required, the cost of which is $35/year. You do not need to live in Cambria to join either organinzation.

Club events typically include the Cambria Fishing Club Annual Fish Fry, a mid-summer bar-b-cue with casting contests and the Christmas party. This party is often hosted by a Club member or held at a local venue. Wine tasting excursions, Piedras Blancas light station tours, and visits to the nearby Abalone Farm  have been organized by interested members. Annual treks to the Fred Hall boat show provide members with an opportunity to see the latest tackle and potentially book further adventures from San Diego to Alaska.  Chartered fishing trips, through local sport landings, occur each year. We hope you will come join the fun.